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Nov 13, 2012

Making the most of everything at Southeast Center

Construction – rather demolition – is underway at Southeast Center. O’Neill/Walsh Community Builders, the construction manager/general contractor for bond improvements at Southeast Center, are working closely with subcontractors to recycle nearly 100% of the  materials demolished on site, rather than trucking it to a landfill.

Traci Jantz with M&M Construction Services, Inc. operates a track hoe to remove sidewalks. Concrete will be crushed and reused on site for fill material.

Since October, crews have been clearing and excavating the parking lot on the south side of Mt. Tabor Hall, which means there is a lot of neatly organized piles of broken concrete, asphalt and landscape materials on the site. According to Ken Bello, the site supervisor with Walsh Construction, that makes it easier for the team to recycle it all.

“All the concrete will be crushed and reused on site for fill material — same for the asphalt. All the metal will be recycled and used to make other products, ” said Bello.

As for the parking strip trees and plants that used to shade the lot:  the wood from felled trees and plants will be turned into chips and used as mulch or spread as bark dust when crews are ready to landscape around the new student commons and learning commons buildings.  Dirt and soils will be transported to processing yards and be reused as topsoil.

“Nothing is wasted and, if possible, it is reused on site to save on fuel, time and transport,” said Bello.


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