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Feb 05, 2013

What’s Working in Washington County

Pictured from left to right, Nick Gowen, Eleza Faison and PCC BuildingConstruction Technology student and Fortis intern Andriel Langston

Pictured from left to right are Nick Gowen from Fortis Construction, Eleza Faison from Faison Construction, and  Andriel Langston, a PCC Building
Construction Technology student and Fortis intern at the Building 7 construction site.

Since bond construction began last summer at Rock Creek Campus, 181 people have been employed on any one of four project sites on campus.  The four projects include Building 7, Building 2, a generator project and the VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) conversion.

At the Building 7 construction site, footings are now being poured in preparation for the steel beams that will be installed this February. At last, Building 7 is about to go vertical.



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