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Jan 24, 2012

Big changes for Building 7 at Rock Creek

Architecture at Rock Creek is about to become a verb. Come June, it will put dust in our noses and mud on our shoes. Come fall of 2013, it will bring smiles and handshakes and a sense of place for thousands of PCC students.

A sneak peek at Rock Creek campus' planned bond improvement - an east elevation view of Building 7 looking from the campus quad area. Computer generated rendering of the model produced by OPSIS.

As planned, the Bond team for Rock Creek Campus submitted the development application for Building 7 to Washington County in December 2011. Now the OPSIS design team is turning its attention to the building’s construction.

The current Science and Technology Building is scheduled for a major facelift on the east side of the building. Construction crews will demolish the existing east entrance and two circular classrooms that currently front the building. They will then build a 30,000 square foot addition that showcases a glass exterior envelope designed to capture light and frame a dramatically improved campus quad.

The east entrance and two circular classrooms fronting Building 7 will be demolished and replaced with a glass enclosed 30,000 sf addition that will reinvigorate the campus quad and student life.

The new addition will use energy and space more efficiently and transform the heart of the campus and student life, as envisioned in the Campus Master Plan updated in 2004.  The building expansion will provide space for the Multicultural Resource Center, the Women’s Resource Center, additional general purpose classrooms, the Student Learning Center, Teacher Learning Center, quiet study areas and group study areas and lounge space.  And yes, second floor windows will open.

The new building design embodies the thoughts, suggestions and dreams of a thousand students, faculty and staff collected over hundreds of hours of shared hand-wringing and emotional, heart-felt  discussion.  It also meets the commitment that PCC made to voters when they approved the 2008 bond measure and the Guiding Principles established by Rock Creek Campus stakeholders in spring 2010.

Rock Creek Campus Map


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Interested in learning more about this topic or including information from this post in a news article? Contact Gina Whitehill Baziuk, Public Involvement and Stakeholder Engagement Manager for the PCC Bond Program.

One Response to “Big changes for Building 7 at Rock Creek”

  1. February 3, 2012 at 7:42 pm   Reply

    Hope the major facelift on the Science and Technology Building goes smoothly. Sounds like a major transformation! It’s very cool that the new addition will use energy and space more efficiently.

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