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Nov 21, 2012

Construction at Cascade Campus to begin December 17

The first phase of construction at Cascade Campus  begins December 17 with the demolition of an existing surface parking lot between N. Mississippi  and N. Albina avenues.  Once the lot is cleared,  Hoffman Construction, the construction manager/general contractor for bond improvements at Cascade, will build  the new underground parking facility, then the new academic building and student center above ground.

This December crews will clear an existing surface parking lot between N. Albina and N. Mississippi avenues to build a new academic building and student center with an underground parking facility.

To kick off construction, PCC and Hoffman Construction are inviting the community to a Free Plant Day on Saturday, December 15, to give away all the trees and plants in the existing parking lot  from 10 am to 3 pm.

To minimize impacts to the neighborhood during construction, PCC and Hoffman Construction have developed a  detailed traffic management plan/map that identifies the construction site, hours of construction, a parking enforcement zone for contractors, alternate construction routes and a traffic minimization area.  All construction staging will be contained within the construction zone and daily construction work will begin at 7:30 am.  The map below shows the primary route that construction vehicles will use to access the site – via Albina Avenue north to Rosa Parks Street. People who would like more details regarding the other plan elements can view the traffic management map online.

In an effort to manage parking impacts to the neighborhood and local businesses, the college is opening several new satellite parking options for faculty, staff and students. In addition, PCC is encouraging everyone at the campus to take advantage of improved alternative travel options. A brochure outlining these options can be viewed at www.pcc.edu/cascade.



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