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With a vision of creating a Trades Education Center, PCC purchased property on Swan Island in summer 2010.  The five-acre property, located at 6400 N. Cutter Circle, was selected as an ideal location to base the college’s career technical education courses as it is situated in the heart of the Swan Island industrial and manufacturing community.

The land and buildings were  purchased  from the state of Oregon, which formerly used them as a Motor Pool Facility. PCC began construction of Phase I of the Swan Island project in summer 2013.

PCC is investing $3.6 million in capital construction to remodel and expand the site, including $1 million from the state of Oregon. During its 2012 interim session, the Oregon Legislature recognized the potential to create a substantial amount of jobs and the educational value of siting the college training program on Swan Island and authorized the funds towards the renovation and expansion effort. This state investment further leverages PCC's 2008 voter-approved bond program.

When complete, Phase I of the new facility will provide more than 23,000 square feet of classroom and lab space for career technical education (CTE) courses currently provided by the Trades & Industry Department at Cascade Campus. The department includes Facilities Maintenance Technology/HVAC-R, Electrical Trades Apprenticeship (consisting of motors, refrigeration and some electrical) and Fiber Optics. (PCC also maintains a welding classroom at Vigor Industrial in its shipyard location at 5555 N. Channel Ave. on Swan Island.) In addition to renovating and expanding the former Motor Pool Facility, the college has removed the existing compressed natural gas storage tanks and decommissioned the ethanol fueling station on the property.

Portland Community College is excited to be part of the Swan Island business district and looks forward to building relationships with the community and its organizations.

In summer 2013, PCC selected JE Dunn Construction to build its new Trades Education Center on Swan Island.  JE Dunn Construction was selected based on the company’s history of workforce diversity and community stewardship. Direct construction costs for the first phase of development is approximately $3.6 million. Construction is scheduled to be completed in August 2014.

In an effort to expand upon the PCC Phase I career technical education (CTE) project, the college will pursue development of a Phase II project at the Swan Island property. It is anticipated that Phase II will consist of a new building to house additional CTE classrooms and labs. This project will add four to five new lecture classrooms and four new CTE shops, as well as storage and swing space for career technical education programs. Although the design and intended use of this Phase II structure are undefined at this time, it will likely be a single story building of approximately 25,000 SF. This additional space will be a potential resource for a wide array of technical training courses as well as programs geared toward technology and project management. Funds have not yet been identified to support the larger Phase 2 vision, but could come through private fundraising, state capital, or a future voter-supported bond program.

Anatomy of a Construction Project

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    Define stakeholder groups. Establish communication and decision-making processes. Identify program area liaisons, guiding principles and goals as well as external consultation needs.

Schematic Design (SD)

    Establish the general scope, conceptual design, scale and relationships among the various parts of a project. Explore promising alternative design solutions. Arrive at a clearly defined concept.

Design Development (DD)

    Expand upon the approved schematic design studies. Develop more detailed drawings. Detail plans, outline specifications of major materials and room finishes, verify compliance with building codes.

Construction Documents//Pre-construction//Permitting

    Develop final detailed construction drawings, specifications and costs. Prepare bid documents to competitively bid work and select sub-contractors. Secure required documentation and permitting to begin construction. Develop and implement construction communications plan.


    Begin construction. Maintain site safety and security. Coordinate work, monitor costs and schedules and stakeholder communications throughout the process.

Set-Up // Commissionin

    Install final improvements in preparing a space for the occupants. Install technical equipment, (audio-visual, digital, internet services etc.), furniture, signage, and make equipment operational. Provide training on building mechanicals etc. ? key operational personnel tour the building and learn about building components.


    The time when occupants settle in, bring in personal items, set-up work spaces, and non-owner provided equipment.

Swan Island Bond Program

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