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Thanks to the passage of the 2008 voter-approved capital construction program, PCC is investing more than $63 million to build, renovate and upgrade the Rock Creek Campus.

Open since 1976, PCC’s 256-acre Rock Creek Campus accommodates almost 26,000 students annually. Located in the rapidly growing Beaverton – Hillsboro area, the bond-funded campus improvements including new classrooms and greatly enhanced student services that are key to meeting the growing educational and workforce training needs of both Washington and Columbia counties.

Rock Creek Campus sits in the heart of Oregon’s “Silicon Forest” and is also nestled amid some of the state’s most productive farm land. This ideal location provides excellent opportunities for students and graduates with skills in demand by these industries. The growing campus is home to the college’s highly coveted welding, veterinary, landscape andbuilding construction programs. These programs have had the unique advantage of the bond construction work as a living laboratory. Students have participated in pouring concrete slabs, framing, and learning first-hand about other construction trades.

 Read more in the Rock Creek Fact Sheet and Construction Guide.

Add and Renovate Workforce Training, Instructional Facilities

  • Add space to offer allied health care nursing and training
  • Upgrade career technical areas
  • Add classrooms to offer more courses
  • Modernize arts instruction facilities

Renovate and Modernize Student Services Areas

  • Expand the child-care facility to serve more students
  • Add space for admissions, registration, advising, counseling, testing and financial aid to serve more students
  • Improve space for student resource and support centers
  • Increase access to food services

Make Health and Safety Upgrades; Increase Energy Efficiency

  • Install mass notification system for emergency communication
  • Upgrade fire and alarm systems and lighting in parking lots and walkways to enhance student and staff safety
  • Make electrical and plumbing upgrades, repair and/or replace roofs
  • Replace heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment
  • Increase energy efficiency of buildings
  • Make improvements to increase access for students with disabilities

PCC has contracted with Fortis Construction to lead construction management and general contracting (CM/GC) at Rock Creek.  Fortis, in turn, is working closely to mentor its two campus construction partners, Northwest Infrastructure and Faison Construction, both of which are state-certified MWESB firms (minority, women and emerging small businesses).  This working partnership among the three firms is a direct result of PCC’s goals for the bond program – to reinvest bond dollars into the communities surrounding all of the college’s campuses and centers, mentoring smaller construction companies and spreading the work and opportunity out to minority and women-owned businesses and local vendors.

Read more on Steps to Construction

    In the early part of 2012, the campus overwhelmingly endorsed a final design concept for the Building 7 addition. The final design will ultimately provide a focal point at the center of the campus. With interior spaces and functions identified and budget balancing underway, the bond team submitted its land use review application to Washington County. This marked the culmination of two years of work and the first “official” step in the implementation of the Rock Creek bond construction.

    Just as spring term 2011 came to a close, crews started site preparation and initial demolition of the Building 7 rotundas. With the removal of trees to allow for construction, Rock Creek’s general contractor with staff from PCC’s Art Department and the Building Construction Technology Program  worked together to salvage and recycle as much usable wood as possible. Construction on the new Building 7 addition was complete in March 2014.  Simultaneous planning and design for the 60,000 square-foot Building 5 addition is on a parallel track with initial demolition and construction targeted for late summer 2014.

    During bond construction at Rock Creek, the Willow Creek Center, just four miles south off of 185th Avenue near Baseline Road, will offer a variety of math, writing, general education, health and business classes. Classes are scheduled at different days and times to make availability convenient for PCC students and faculty.

Anatomy of a Construction Project

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    Define stakeholder groups. Establish communication and decision-making processes. Identify program area liaisons, guiding principles and goals as well as external consultation needs.

Schematic Design (SD)

    Establish the general scope, conceptual design, scale and relationships among the various parts of a project. Explore promising alternative design solutions. Arrive at a clearly defined concept.

Design Development (DD)

    Expand upon the approved schematic design studies. Develop more detailed drawings. Detail plans, outline specifications of major materials and room finishes, verify compliance with building codes.

Construction Documents//Pre-construction//Permitting

    Develop final detailed construction drawings, specifications and costs. Prepare bid documents to competitively bid work and select sub-contractors. Secure required documentation and permitting to begin construction. Develop and implement construction communications plan.


    Begin construction. Maintain site safety and security. Coordinate work, monitor costs and schedules and stakeholder communications throughout the process.

Set-Up // Commissionin

    Install final improvements in preparing a space for the occupants. Install technical equipment, (audio-visual, digital, internet services etc.), furniture, signage, and make equipment operational. Provide training on building mechanicals etc. ? key operational personnel tour the building and learn about building components.


    The time when occupants settle in, bring in personal items, set-up work spaces, and non-owner provided equipment.

Rock Creek Campus Bond Program

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Most Recent Updates

Gina Whitehill-Baziuk

Gina Whitehill-Baziuk

Stakeholder Engagement
Public Involvement, Manager

Construction Webcam

Construction Updates

Construction Updates

    Traffic alert: Rock Creek Building 9

    Temporary closure of Event Center parking lot behind Building 9

    We would like to remind the PCC community that the remodeling of Building 5 has required the closure of the Event Center parking lot immediately behind Building 9 until Jan. 31, 2015. The lot will be used as a staging area for materials needed for Building 5.  If you have questions about this closure, please contact Zahava Jones at

    We appreciate your patience and thank you for your cooperation.

    Updated by: Katherine Miller

    December 16, 2014

Construction Updates

    Traffic Alert: Rock Creek Building 5

    Building 5 construction causes changes to traffic flow and parking

    The remodeling of Building 5 has necessitated changes to bus services and nearby parking. Buses now move in a clockwise pattern in front of the building, and layover and drop-off sites have moved to the outer edges of the landscaped island. The safety fence prohibits access to the island turn-around as well as parking lot B. The CC Rider will now stop in the same location as the PCC Shuttle across from Building 5 and will no longer use the round-about behind the building.

    Eight handicapped parking spots have been added adjacent to existing ADA parking in Lot C behind Building 7.  Motorcycle parking is permitted in front of the museum building.

    Parking lot B and the north face of the turn-around are now serving as the construction zone. Only buses are permitted in this area. Cars are not permitted to stop, park or drop off passengers in this general area. Drivers are encouraged to turn right at the stop sign and proceed to the circular turn-around area between Buildings 2 and 5. Passengers may be dropped off and picked up at this site, but parking is not permitted.

    We appreciate your patience and thank you for your cooperation.


    Updated by: Karen Kane

    July 24, 2014

Rock Creek Campus Events

    There are no Rock Creek events scheduled at this time. Please check back soon.

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Jan 09, 2015
Rock Creek's remodeled Building 7, completed last spring, has 28,000 square feet of classrooms, computer labs and the college's Multicultural center, Women's Resource Center, tutoring and Teaching Learning.

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Jan 09, 2015
When Rock Creek Campus' remodeling work on Building 5 is completed in 2016, it will contain 1,000 tons of steel framing.

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